Saturday, May 10, 2008

North Toward Home

I am now reading NOrth Toward Home by Willie Morris. I have never been a fan of Mr. Morris but this book has certainly held my attention. He has a marvalous way with words and expressing his thoughts, most of which are are rather critical of the time he grew up in. But the main criticism he has put in print is of the state of Texas. I would be interested to know how the press described him during this period when he was in college there and then later as a journalist in the state. I am about half through the book so I must hold my judgement until I have completed it.


Maggie said...

Alright! A book you seem to be getting into. I'm currently rereading High Cotton for a real review to go in Mississippi Libraries and I'm enjoying more the second time around. You are doing great, Janet!

Maggie said...

Check out for a fun meme. :)

____Maggie said...

Hi Janet!

I'm doing the first of 5 contests for the autographed Mudbound books. Go here if you would like to play.

Dawn said...

I've not read much by Willie Morris either. He is a fascinating person though. I met him while my husband was working on his masters at Ole Miss.

Good luck this summer on your blog.